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Marc L. Susman, DDS | Meet the Doctor in Tulsa

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 Marc L. Susman D.D.S

5510 S Memorial Tulsa 918-663-9990

810 N York Muskogee 918-683-8844 


Meet the Doctor

Dr. Susman

Dr. Susman has a unique history of three generations in the fashion industry, starting back when his grandfather opened Susman’s, a high-end couture fashion clothing store in Muskogee back in the early 1930s. His grandfather began by opening several haberdashery locations (boy, have times changed) but you never know, hat stores may be coming back… Well anyway, what evolved in the small town of Muskogee that was the hub of transportation and a candidate for the capital back in the day. At this same time, a high fashion specialty clothing store evolved for women, Susman’s. Following the evolution of a second location to serve the ladies of Muskogee and surrounding areas. The first hallmark store in downtown Muskogee was three stories, the first floor presented gifts, purses, shoes, and Charles of the Ritz cosmetics. The second floor displayed every day and sportswear and the third floor show-cased evening wear, professional formal wear, and furs. As you walked from the outdoor side walk to approach the front entry you were surrounded by six or seven manikins on what appeared to be a raised runway dressed in the latest fashions. Before you had a chance to touch the front handle of the entrance, you were drawn in, to the notion you were entering a distinctive place, and you would be confident that the experience would be unique at this establishment. As you stepped across the Susman’s name artfully sculpted into the terrazzo as you entered this high fashion environment.


My father took over the operations, after my grandfather passed, until the early 90's.  That’s over sixty years in business! Wow, maybe one of my daughters will become a dentist and carry my practice into the future as my father did in his Dad's business...


I remember while growing up, the dinner table was often the centered around individual fashion, a person's style and appearance and how they carried their particular look, and how body image influences a person's appearance.  Over the years, we knew many women who were the best customers and we often spoke about specific styles would complement their body image. This is how I developed, though innocently and not by intention, the art of visualizing how a person can look their best.  I can’t skip the fact that my position in the store also consisted of holiday wrapping and late night inventory...


Growing up it was not only the football, basketball, and hockey games, rodeos, tennis tournaments and golf outings, but it was routine seasonal and holiday Markets represented in Dallas.  Driving to Dallas to the fashion Markets to choose fashions based on the visualization of the runway models and their appearance, at the beginning of each new season.  As a child, I found myself riding in the backseat to Dallas, as the years went on, this was just the nature of my life. After arriving in our hotel and getting dressed and ready, we had to look our best too, for our long day at the Dallas Market.  (My father would take my mother twice a year to The New York Fashion Market. I never got to go on that trip...How fashion conscious was my Father to bring East Coast Fashions to Muskogee?) (I continue the tradition with my family gene pool as I have traveled to Berlin, Vancouver, South France, The University of Zurich and both coasts north and south of the U.S. to bring techniques and technology back to Oklahoma for the benefit of my patients.) Where we would sit and watch how each model could individually enhance the new fashion of the season or on the other hand, not look so good which resulted in us not wanting this garment reflected in our inventory at the store.  There is a definite perception that would draw you to a garment on a model or not.  Was it the garment, the model, or the combination of the two? I always thought the combination of the two.  Anyways, after many years of sitting at a long table with buyers from around the country and getting to voice a recommendation on fashion, style and appearance, this  I believe is the seed from where I grew my passion for how one's smile can be more powerful than any New York fashion. 




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