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Root Canal Therapy – Tulsa, OK

Make Pain Disappear
in One Appointment

Is one of your teeth really hurting right now, as in you can’t focus on anything else? If so, then it likely has an infection in the pulp, which is the inner nerve of the tooth. Dr. Susman can use root canal therapy to stop this kind of pain, plus he can repair the tooth in a single appointment by placing a crown that is ready on the same day. This one-stop approach is unique to our dental office and allows suffering patients to get what they need in record time. To schedule an appointment, contact us today to discuss pain relieving root canal therapy in Tulsa, OK.

Man sharing smile after root canal therapy

Dr. Susman Says…

  • Same-Day Appointments Available
  • Root Canal & Crown
    Placement Completed in One Visit
  • Sedation Methods Guarantee Patient Comfort

How a Root Canal Works

Model of the inside of a healthy tooth

When a patient comes to see us with an aching tooth, Dr. Susman will start by giving them an exam. If he determines that they need a root canal, the procedure will follow a few basic steps:

  • Dr. Susman will thoroughly numb the patient
  • He’ll create a small hole in the tooth
  • This will be used to remove the infected interior tissue
  • The inside of the tooth will be cleaned, sanitized, and filled
  • The tooth will be topped with a crown (more on this below)

Our Same-Day Approach

Man in dental chair smiling after root canal therapy

At other dental offices, if a patient needs a root canal and crown, the process can literally take weeks. With Dr. Susman, however, the tooth can be disinfected and topped with a crown at the same visit. He’s able to do this because we have technology that allows us to design and place our own crowns. Rather than taking six weeks to fully repair a tooth, we can do it in just a few hours while still offering supreme quality from beginning to end.

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