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Sleep Apnea Therapy – Tulsa, OK

Stop Snoring & Sleep
Better Every Night

Do you constantly feel tired in the morning and throughout the day no matter how long you’ve slept? Are you elbowed by your partner in bed all the time because you snore loudly every night? If so, then you may have sleep apnea, a serious disorder that affects about 20 million Americans. People with sleep apnea temporarily stop breathing for short periods of time throughout the night, lowering their sleep quality and putting their overall health in jeopardy. Dr. Susman can help patients dealing with this problem discover if they have sleep apnea and even provide treatment in the form of a small, custom-made mouthpiece for sleep apnea therapy in Tulsa, OK.

Man waking feeling rested thanks to sleep apnea therapy

Dr. Susman Says…

  • Sleep Appliances Custom-Made for Each Patient
  • Can Stop Mild & Severe Snoring
  • Viable Alternative
    for CPAP

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

Man taking at home sleep study

You should come to see Dr. Susman for a sleep apnea screening if any of the following symptoms sound familiar:

  • Persistent tiredness despite getting seven to nine hours of sleep
  • Chronic, loud snoring
  • Waking up gasping or feeling out of breath
  • Consistent sore throats or headaches in the morning

These are all indicative signs of sleep apnea. If Dr. Susman believes that you may be suffering from it, he will refer you to a sleep physician to undergo a sleep test, which will provide a definitive diagnosis. If it turns out that you do have sleep apnea, Dr. Susman can offer treatment in the form of oral appliance therapy.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Man placing sleep apnea oral appliance

With oral appliance therapy, all a patient has to do is wear a special mouthpiece to bed every night. It will be designed to comfortably fit over the teeth and slightly reposition the jaw forward. This prevents the airway from closing, stopping snoring or sleep apnea from occurring. This results in better sleep, better mornings, and a happier partner as well!